Advice for parents during Coronavirus

If your child is feeling unwell make sure you seek medical advice – the doors of the NHS are still open.

This traffic light guide from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health will help you decide whether you should phone NHS 111, contact your GP surgery, or go to the hospital.

Dr Carol Ewing, Chair, Greater Manchester Children’s Health and Wellbeing Forum, said: “Coronavirus is infectious to children but rarely serious. If your child is unwell or injured please do not delay. Get help. NHS 111, GPs and hospitals still provide the same safe care they always have.”

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Please seek urgent help if your child has any of the symptoms listed below. The NHS is still there for you #StayAtHomeGM #StayHomeStayWell

Hospitals remain open as usual to treat your child if they need urgent treatment. If they show any of the symptoms listed below, seek medical help immediately #StayAtHomeGM #StayHomeStayWell

Please seek medical advice is your child is unwell. If they have any of the symptoms listed below, please call your GP surgery or NHS 111 #StayAtHomeGM #StayHomeStayWell

Are you worried about your child’s health? If so, the experts are still there to speak to. Call your GP or NHS 111 today to get advice if they display any of the symptoms below #StayAtHomeGM #StayHomeStayWell

Check online advice if your child is feeling unwell, but is not displaying any worrying symptoms. If you remain concerned, call NHS 111 #StayAtHomeGM #StayHomeStayWell

There is lots of advice online for checking your child’s health. If you remain concerned, call NHS 111 #StayAtHomeGM #StayHomeStayWell

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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