Did you know that since April 2015 you don’t have to wait on the phone to speak to your GP surgery. Just like on line banking ,you can look at your GP records on a computer,a tablet or a smartphone,using a website or a app.

You can choose to book or cancel a appointment with a doctor online when it suits you. Your surgery will choose which appointments can be booked online. Please be aware that all on line booked appointments are face to face with the GP, if you are unable to attend please cancel your appointment or inform the surgery so the appointment can be offered to another patient.

Order repeat prescriptions online. Some patients have found that they save money and time and do not need to make a special trip to their surgery to order a repeat prescription.

Look at part of your GP records online.You can look at your records whenever you want,even from the comfort of your own home.

Online services are free to use and another way of contacting your GP surgery


It is not hard to start using online services.Your surgery will need to check who you are to make sure you only see your record and not someone elses.

  • Tell the surgery you want to start using online services.
  • Your surgery will give you a short form to fill in and sign to confirm you agree with the information on the form.
  • Your surgery will then check you who you say you are.
  • Your surgery will then give you a letter with your unique username and password.It will tell you about the website and where you can log in and start using on line services.